If you haven't read the Why, you should read that first.

In one line:
imgtranslate is a simple and efficient tool to convert images across languages.

  • Simple because it only involves selecting regions to translate
  • Efficient because it saves you precious design time

But the key differentiation is actually across.

It lets you create a completely new image(not new text) with translations in correct places, sizes, colors and fonts!

All the images below were converted using imgtranslate.

French to English
Chinese to English
English to Hindi

Interesting right?

Besides the algorithms that make all of this possible, there's our editor. The editor is what gives the user control over the final output.

Don't like the position, translation or alignment? Simply adjust them.

Put together the algorithms and the editor and we have something capable of handling a wide variety of use-cases. Creatives, banners, advertisements... you name it. And we support a wide set of languages too.

So go ahead and try it out. https://www.imgtranslate.com

Sign up and use it on your own images and languages. Let us know how it goes. We really want to hear back from you. Good things or bad things.

The next post is How where we explain what is happening under the hood. Remember, there are no magic sauces or trade secrets! Just meticulously built components that come together to do something useful.

Stay tuned.